How to install silent motor ball bearings?


Motor bearing noise is caused by vibration.
Generally, low sound transmission materials are selected for this type of bearing material, and lubricating oil is also a good lubricating grease that reduces noise as much as possible.
The so-called silent refers to reducing noise as much as possible.
In fact, it is in the process of rotation. There is still noise in it.
So what aspects should be paid attention to when installing silent motor bearings?
1, disassemble and clean the bearing components to ensure that the oil passage inside the bearing is clean and unobstructed.
2, observe the bearing, if there is a crack, it must be replaced. All surfaces must be free of scratches and wear.
3, check the crankshaft main journal and connecting rod journal.
4, check the hardness requirements of crankshaft journals and connecting rod journals, which must meet technical standards.
5, the radial runout of the bearing and the radial runout of the thrust face to the common axis of the main journal must meet technical standards.
6, the parallelism of the connecting rod bearing axis to the common axis of the main journal within the full length must meet technical standards.
7, the bearing should be replaced when the front and rear rotating gears are cracked or worn.
8. If the flywheel and pulley bolts are cracked or the elongation exceeds the limit, replace them.
9, carefully check the shock absorber of the crankcase foot. If it is damaged, the rubber is aging or deformed, it must be replaced.
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