NdFeB Magnet Properties Of Brushless Motors


NdFeB Magnet properties of brushless motors


The magnet in the brushless motor is installed on the rotor, which is one of the important components of the brushless motor. So what are the requirements for the magnet of the brushless motor? For example, magnetic performance requirements, shape, number of poles and so on.


Magnet Performance Requirements for Brushless Motors

Brushless motors mainly use rare earth NdFeB magnets with high performance, because the power of the motor is closely related to the performance of the magnets, and the volume and grade of the neodymium magnets determine the maximum power of the motor.

Magnet shape requirements for brushless motors

The shapes of brushless motor magnets mainly include square magnets, tile-shaped (arc-shaped) magnets, ring magnets, and bread-shaped magnets.

Advantages of square magnets: simple processing, relatively cheap price, suitable for motors that pursue cost.

Advantages of curved magnets: The curved shape can ensure that the air gap between the magnet and the silicon steel sheet is always consistent. It seems that the power and efficiency are better than that of the square magnet.

Advantages of bread-shaped magnets: According to professionals, they think that this kind of magnet is better than arc-shaped magnets.

Advantages of ring magnets: easy installation, superior performance, high-end general use rings!

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