Automotive fan motor slot commutator


Automotive fan motor slot commutator

Automobile fan motors usually use DC motors, and there is a brush on the rotor for passing current. The commutator is a device used to change the direction of the motor, which can alternately change the electrodes connected by the brushes, thereby changing the current direction and direction of the motor.

In automotive fan motors, the slot commutator is a relatively common commutator type. It consists of a fixed conductive ring and a number of brushes, usually placed at regular intervals in slots on the motor's stator. The shape of the conductive ring is usually circular or flat, and it is attached to the rotor shaft of the motor and is in contact with the brush.

As the motor spins, the brushes come into contact with the conductive rings and change how they connect depending on the design of the commutator. By changing the electrodes connected by the brushes, the slot commutator can change the current direction and steering of the motor, so as to realize forward and reverse conversion. Therefore, the slot commutator is one of the commonly used commutator types in automotive fan motors.
Automotive fan motor slot commutator

Manufacture of slot type commutator for automobile fan motor

The slot commutator of automotive fan motor usually consists of brushes, conductive rings and brackets. The following is the general manufacturing process:

Make the conductive ring: The conductive ring is usually made of copper or aluminum and can be stamped or machined. When making the conductive ring, it must be ensured that the inner and outer diameters of the conductive ring match the size of the motor rotor.

Making Brushes: Brushes are usually made of carbon, copper or copper alloys and can be cut, machined or formed. When fabricating the brushes, it must be ensured that the shape and size of the brushes match the design of the slotted commutator.

Fabricate the brace: Brackets are usually made of metal and can be stamped, bent, or machined. The main function of the bracket is to fix the conductive ring and the brush, and connect with the motor stator.

Assembling the commutator: When assembling the slot commutator, it is necessary to combine the conductive ring and the brush and fix them on the bracket. After assembly, the commutator needs to be tested to ensure that it performs as designed.

It should be noted that the manufacture of slot-type commutators for automotive fan motors requires high-precision processing and assembly technology. In addition, the quality and stability of materials must be ensured during the manufacturing process to ensure the reliability and durability of the commutator.

Groove commutator performance

The slot commutator is a common DC motor commutator, and its performance has an important influence on the steering and speed control of the motor. The following are the main performance indicators of the slot commutator:

Steering accuracy: Steering accuracy refers to the precise steering degree that the slot commutator can achieve, that is, the error between the actual steering degree and the theoretical steering degree. The slot-type commutator with high steering precision can ensure more precise steering performance of the electric motor.

Steering Stability: Steering stability refers to the steady performance of the electric motor in steering while running. The high-quality slot commutator can ensure the stable steering of the motor and reduce the vibration and drift of the steering.

Wear resistance: Slotted commutators consist of brushes and conductive rings that wear out during operation. Therefore, wear resistance is an important performance index of the slot commutator, which can affect the life and reliability of the slot commutator.

Electrical performance: The slot commutator needs to withstand high current and high voltage in practical applications, so its electrical performance is very important. Electrical performance includes indicators such as resistance, insulation performance, and current capacity, which have a great influence on the performance and safety of the motor.

In short, the slot commutator is a very important component in the motor, and its performance index directly affects the steering and speed control performance of the motor. Therefore, it is very critical to manufacture a high-quality slot commutator.