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Custom Mixer and Angle Grinder carbon brush-Electric motor component

Model :NDPJ-TS-69

We can produce electrial carbon brushes for many motors in a variety of industries. 


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Replacement Electric motor Carbon Brushes for Mixer and Angle Grinder


The carbon motor brushes are suitable for the most commonly replaced power tool components, such as grinder motor, drill motor, angle grinder motor,Juicer motor, mixer motor, Blender motor, Cutting machine motor, weeder motor,lawn and garden machine motor,etc


We can produce carbon brushes for many motors in a variety of industries. Worn brushes are often the cause of a poorly running motor. These carbon brushes are produced with well refined manufacturing process,  can become a part of  high quality power tool and enhance the performance by a considerable margin. The carbon, graphite and various metal materials we use combine good electrical and thermal conductivity with high thermal resistance. They can also be precisely matched to extreme requirements, such as large power surges, idling periods, light-load operation, aggressive gases and vapors, extreme ambient temperatures, oil mist, high dust and ash loads and extreme humidity.


Technical Parameters

Product name: Mixer and Angle Grinder motor Electrical Carbon Brushes
Carbon Brush Size:

23 x 16 x 6mm 

29 x 19 x 15mm

29 x 32 x 64mm 

32 x 19 x 15mm 

32 x 32 x 15mm 

or Customized

Material :  Carbon, graphite, metal copper and sliver
Color :  Black , Gray, Silver
Application: The most commonly replaced power tool components.
MOQ:  10,000 Pieces
Production capacity:  500,000 Pieces per month
Packaging:  Suitable for export transportation and long-term storage
Delivery Usually 5-30 working days.

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Carbon brush Advantages:

Highly matched carbon-based materials

High reliability and efficiency

Good electrical and thermal conductivity

Outstanding thermal resistance

Extremely long service life

If required, secure transmission of control signals

Reliably consistent peak performance


Customized carbon brush solution:

Extensive design and development expertise

Individually customizable materials made of carbon, graphite and metals

High-quality carbon brush solutions that meet customer requirements


Carbon bursh Picture:

Electric Motor carbon brush-1

Replacement Electric motor Carbon Brushes.jpg

Electric Motor carbon brush-2

Mixer and Angle Grinder motor Electrical Carbon Brushes.jpg

Electric Motor carbon brush-3

Mixer motor carbon Brushes.jpg

Carbon brush features

1) Good quality
2) small spark

3) low noise

4) long duration

5) good lubrication performance

6) good electric conductivity

If possible, it will better if customer could send us samples. 

We can produce a wide range of carbon brush. Our carbon brush is  widely suitable for automotive industry, household appliances, hammers, planers and etc. We could customize carbon brush for our customer and directly supply our carbon brushes to more than 50 countries around the world.

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About Motor component and  accessories

NIDE can supply the full range of electric motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.

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