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Rectangular Rare Earth Strong Neodymium Magnet


The Strong Neodymium Magnet  has strong magnetic force and good mechanical properties, can be easily processed into various shapes.
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Rectangular rare earth neodymium magnet NdFeB 15x6x3mm


The NdFeB permanent magnet material is a permanent magnet material based on the intermetallic compound NdFeB. It has a very high magnetic energy product and coercive force. At the same time, the advantages of high energy density and good rust and corrosion resistance make the NdFeB permanent magnet Materials have been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology, making it possible to miniaturize, lighten, and thin equipment such as instrumentation, electroacoustic motors, and magnetic separation and magnetization.


NdFeB Magnet Features

1. Magnetic materials with strong magnetic force are widely used and cost-effective.

2. It has good mechanical properties and can be easily processed into various shapes, including special-shaped magnets.


3. Various specifications: square, square, round, disc, spherical, tile, trapezoid, diamond, special shape, etc.

4. Support customization: can be customized according to customer needs


NdFeB Magnet parameters

Product name Strong Neodymium Magnet
Size:  15*16, 10*2, 12*2, 13*2, 15*2, 18*2, 20*2, 25*2, 18*3
Coercivity 915 (KA/m)
Remanence 1.8 (T)
Intrinsic coercivity 975 (KA/m)
Maximum energy product 285 (KJ/m3)
Density 7.5 (g/cm3)
Operating temperature 80 (℃)
Curie temperature 80 (℃)
Attention: Be careful of fragile, careful of injury, dry and store at room temperature

NdFeB Magnet Picture Show:

Neodymium Magnet-1.jpg

Neodymium Magnet-2.jpg

Strong Neodymium Magnet.jpg

N52 Neodymium Magnet.jpg

Neodymium Magnet NdFeB .jpg

Information needed for magnet inquiry

It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.

1. Magnet drawing

2. Magnet material

2. Magnet dimension: width, thickness, tolerance.

3. Magnet grade

4. Magnet applications

5. Required quantity: normally its weight or quantity

6. Other technical requirement.

If you are not sure which grade is proper, please contact our engineer. We can also customize according to your needs

 We can offer a variety of NdFeB Magnet and Ferrite Magnet, If you need special magnetic tiles, we can also customize according to your needs.

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