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6640 NMN Polyester Film Polyaromatic Amide Fiber Paper Composite Material


NIDE specializes in the production of 6640 polyester film (NMN) with various thicknesses and deep processing and slitting of different widths according to customer requirements. It has good mechanical and electrical properties, cut-through resistance and overload resistance, and has good compatibility with commonly used insulating paints , suitable for F-class motor slot and phase-to-phase insulation.


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6640 NMN Polyester Film Polyaromatic Amide Fiber Paper Composite Material

High temperature resistant polyester film polyaramid fiber paper soft composite material is a three-layer (NMN) soft composite material made of polyester film (M) coated with high temperature resistant adhesive on both sides and pasted polyaramid fiber paper (N). . Has excellent heat resistance, dielectric properties and high mechanical strength. It is suitable for slot, interphase, interturn and gasket insulation in F/H-class motors and electrical appliances, especially for microwave oven motors and reactors. Passed the quality inspection of the Machinery Industry Electrical Material Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

6640 NMN Polyester Film Insulation Paper Parameter
Model: 6640
Insulation class: Class F insulating material (155 ℃)
Thickness: 0.15mm-0.50mm
Width: 914mm
6640 NMN insulation paper

1  technical requirements
1.1    Appearance: The surface of the soft composite material shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 5591.1-2002 (MOD IEC60626-1: 1995) "Electrical Insulation Soft Composite Materials Part 1: Definition and General Requirements".
1.2    Size: The composite material is supplied in rolls, the width should not be less than 800mm, the weight of each roll should be 20-60kg, each roll under 40kg should have no more than 3 sections, and those above 40kg should have no more than 5 sections per roll, and each section should not be less than 1m. Can also be cut into tape and reel supply.
1.3    Performance requirements: The performance requirements of high temperature resistant NMN are shown in Table 1, and the typical values of related properties are shown in Table 2.


2. Packing, transportation and storage
2.1    Polyester film polyaramid fiber paper soft composite material supplied in rolls or sheets and tapes, packed in cartons。
2.2    The polyester film polyaramid fiber paper soft composite material is stored in a dry and clean warehouse below 40 ℃, away from fire, heat and direct sunlight。
2.3    The rest shall comply with the provisions in GB/T5591.1-2002 (MOD IEC60626-1: 1995) "Electrical Insulation Flexible Composite Materials Part 1: Definitions and General Requirements".

3. Application of tip
The properties of soft composite materials vary with the nominal thickness of the film used (mainly for mechanical strength breakdown voltage and softness stiffness). Users must indicate the nominal thickness of the film and product specifications when ordering

4. Test method

According to GB/T5591.2-2002 (MOD IEC60626-2:1995) "Soft composite materials for electrical insulation - Part 2: Test methods".  The heat resistance grade shall be carried out according to the relevant provisions of JB3730-1999 "Soft Composite Material long-term heat resistance Evaluation Test Method of Coil inspection Voltage Method" .

insulation paper 

Polyester Film Insulation Paper

 Information needed for insulation material inquiry

It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.

1. Insulation material type: insulation paper, wedge, (including DMD,DM, polyester film, PMP,PET,Red Vulcanized Fiber)

2. Insulation material dimension: width, thickness, tolerance.

3. Insulation material thermal class: Class F, Class E, Class B, Class H

4. Insulation material applications

5. Required quantity: normally its weight

6. Other technical requirement.


We also supply different types of electrical insulation materials for stator or armatures, such as insulation paper and insulation wedge with different class degree. DMD Class B/F, DM Class B/F, Polyester film Class E, Red Vulcanized Fiber Class A, NH& NHN, etc

electrical insulation material motor winding insulation paper wedge


Besides, we can supply the full range of motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper material, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc. 

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