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12P Copper Hook Type Electrical Motor Commutator

 Model: NDPJ-HXQ-1009

The electrical motor commutator is widely used in a variety of electric tools, cars, motorcycles, 


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12P Teeth Copper Hook Type Electrical Motor Commutator


The electrical motor commutator is widely used in a variety of electric tools, cars, motorcycles, household appliances and other electrical motors.


1. Commutator Parameters:

Product name Motor Commutator
Size 8x23x20mm
Color  Copper tone
Teeth 12 teeth
Material Copper
Type Hook Commutator
MOQ 100000



2. Commutator Selection


When the motor needs to replace the whole commutator, it is necessary to detect the outer circle diameter of the commutator, the diameter of the inner hole, the length of the copper piece and the number of slots and other parameters, and then select the commutator with similar parameters to be absolutely equal, and try to choose the clip type commutator for replacement.


3. Commutator Picture

motor commutator

DC motor commutator

AC MOTOR commutator


4. Commutator Replacement


a. Test whether the armature winding has short circuit and iron phenomenon, to be eliminated in time, so as not to leave behind trouble.


b. When the diameter of the inner hole of the commutator is small, it can be turned and enlarged on the lathe to reach the diameter of the inner hole required by the electric pivot; When the diameter of the inner hole is large, a bushing can be machined and pressed into the manhole.


c. The clip of the clip type commutator is generally a little longer, and the excess part can be cut off according to the need, and the opening is scraped clean for tin welding.


d. Slightly align the open slots of the commutator with the connecting wires of the armature winding one by one, and then slowly press the commutator onto the pivot until the position of the commutator meets the requirements.



e. Turn off the damaged commutator from the pivot shaft under the step of the wiring head or chisel the commutator after sawing a circle around the circle with a hacksaw under the step of the wiring head, then pull out and scrape the connecting wire head one by one with pliers for tin welding, and then remove the residual commutator part.


motor commutator spare part

Information needed for commutator inquiry:
It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.
1. Commutator dimension: OD, ID, total height, and copper height, bar number.
2. Commutator type: hook type, raiser type or planner
3. Copper material: Agcu/ Cu
4. Commutator applications
5. Required quantity
6. Copper bush needed or not

7. Other technical requirement. 


Nide produces more than 1200 different types of motor commutator, including hook type, riser type, shell type, planar type, ranging from OD 4mm to OD 150mm and we are professional in manufacturing commutator for many years. The commutators are widely applied to automotive industry, power tools, household appliances, and other motors.If our existing models are not suitable for you, we could also develop new tooling according to your drawing and samples.



Besides, we can supply the full range of motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper material, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc. 

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