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Angle grinder commutator 8.4*25*16


The angle grinder commutator is widely used in household motors and power tools.We can customize angle grinder commutator according to customer needs.


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Angle grinder commutator 8.4*25*16

The commutator fits angle grinder power tool motors.

The angle grinder commutator is widely used in household motors and power tools. The basic structure of the commutator is: including commutator copper pieces evenly distributed on the outer circumference of the commutator body. The commutator bodies are injection-molded together, and the commutator copper sheets are provided with fins which are implanted into the commutator body and firmly combined with the commutator body.
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Angle grinder commutator parameters

Product Name: Angle grinder commutator
Material: Copper
Type:  Hook Commutator
Hole diameter:  8.4mm
Outer diameter:  25mm
Height: 16mm
Slices :  24P
MOQ:  10000P
Angle grinder commutator display
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Angle grinder commutator failure and maintenance

The angle grinder uses a series motor, which is characterized by two carbon brushes and a commutator on the rotor. The most commonly burned parts of this type of motor are the commutator and rotor winding ends. If the commutator is burnt, it is generally because the carbon brush pressure is not enough. When the motor is working, if the current continues to be large, the carbon brushes will wear out quickly. After a long time, the carbon brushes will become shorter, the pressure will become smaller, and the contact resistance will be very large. At this time, the surface of the commutator will heat up very seriously.

If there is a ring fire or a large spark on the commutator of the angle grinder, it is necessary to replace the carbon brushes, remove the sundries, make the surface of the commutator smooth or replace the commutator with a new one.



Information needed for commutator inquiry:
It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.
1. Commutator dimension: OD, ID, total height, and copper height, bar number.
2. Commutator type: hook type, raiser type or planner
3. Copper material: Agcu/ Cu
4. Commutator applications
5. Required quantity
6. Copper bush needed or not

7. Other technical requirement. 


Nide produces more than 1200 different types of motor commutator, including hook type, riser type, shell type, planar type, ranging from OD 4mm to OD 150mm and we are professional in manufacturing commutator for many years. The commutators are widely applied to automotive industry, power tools, household appliances, and other motors.If our existing models are not suitable for you, we could also develop new tooling according to your drawing and samples.



Besides, we can supply the full range of motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper material, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc. 

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