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EV Car Motor Hairpin Stator production line


The motor stator production line is used for the manufacture of new energy vehicle hairpin motor stators.


Fully Automatic EV Car Hairpin Motor  Stator production line


The stator production line is used for the copper wire hairpin motor stator manufacturing. Hairpin motors are currently mainly used in new energy vehicles.The entire manufacturing process of the hairpin motor stator is highly automated and intelligent


The hairpin motor stator winding is the shape like a hairpin. In the motor stator manufacturing process, the winding is first made into a hairpin-like shape and then inserted into the stator slot, and then the ends of the hairpin are welded on the other end according to the design.

The hairpin motor process is threading, so the notch does not need to be fully opened, and the half-opened slot is beneficial to reduce the cogging torque. The winding structure of the hairpin motor stator is composed of n hairpins during the manufacturing process. The traditional flat copper wire motor is a formed winding;


Product Information

Name Hairpin stator production line
Stator O.D. 128mm  (customized )
Stator I.D.  103,6mm (customized )
Stack length  81mm     (customized )
 Slot 48    (customized )
Wire specification customized 
Layer customized 
Wire inserting end height customized 
Welding end height customized 
Wire types customized 
Power terminal  customized 
Insulation Paper customized 
Star dotted line customized 
Twisting angle customized 



new energy hairpin motor stator manufacturing.jpg

1.Hairpin stator manufacturing Line Process

 E-Mobility Motor Hairpin Stator production line.jpg

2. Hairpin stator manufacturing Line Layout

Layout Area for the hairpin motor stator production line

Length 18 m / Width 9 m / Height around 2.5 m / Area around 162 m2

 hairpin stator production line layour.jpg

3. This hairpin motor stator production line includes the following models:

a. Paper inserting machine        

b. U-pin wire forming machine   

c. Wire inserting station

d. Wire inserting machine

e. End expanding machine

f. End twisting machine

g. End cutting machine

h. TIG welding machine

I. Stator coating machine



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