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DC Motor Hook Type Commutator for electric motor



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Nide is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing slot, hook and flat types of commutators for DC motors and universal motors. Snowballing the experience of production ever since its foundation, the company has been making great progress in integration worldwide advanced production process and scientific management skills, its annual production reaches upon ten million pieces, which are being exported to European, southeast Asian countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc. 

Nide team will provide customers with advanced technology, first class quality and best service, will be always as your service.

Nide also customize commutator as per customer’s requirement.   

Technical specification

1.    resin surface, free of bubble and crack

2.    spin test: 200℃, 3000r/min, 3min, radial deviation <0.015, bar to bar <0.006.

3.    High voltage test: bar to shaft at 3500V for 1 min, bar to bar at 550V for 1 s.

4.    Insulation test at 500V, >50MΩ

5.    Copper material: sliver copper or electrolytic copper or customized

6.    Dimension: from OD 4mm to OD 150mm. We also provide customized commutator.

7.    Application: apply to automotive industry, power tools, household appliances, and other motors

8.    Commutator type: hook type, riser type, shell type or planar type


commutator manufacturer

commutator manufacturer

Information needed for commutator inquiry:

1. Commutator dimension: OD, ID, total height, and copper height, bar number.

2. Commutator type: hook type, raiser type or planner

3. Copper material: Agcu/ Cu

4. Commutator applications

5. Required quantity

6. Copper bush needed or not

7. Other technical requirement. 

It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information. 

Nide produces more than 1200 different types of electric motor stator and armature rotor brush commutator, including hook type, riser type, shell type, planar type, ranging from OD 4mm to OD 150mm and we are professional in manufacturing commutator for many years. The commutators are widely applied to automotive industry, power tools, household appliances, and other motors.If our existing models are not suitable for you, we could also develop new tooling according to your drawing and samples.


Besides, we can supply the full range of motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, thermal protector, carbon brush, insulation paper material, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.

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