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Rotor automatic production machine



Introduction:this automatic production machine is used to produce rotors, especially for mass production.



This Rotor production machine is an Automatic Production Line. It can be produced in two different process according to client's requirements.The whole production is of high automation. 


Process 1: 

Shaft press---end field press---commutator press----armature insulation paper inserting---armature winding-commutator welding----wedge inserting---armature testing.

The electric motor production line including: shaft pressing machine, end plate pressing machine, commutator pressing machine, armature insulation paper inserting machine, armature winding machine, commutatorhot stacking machine, armature wedge inserting machine and armature testing machine.


Process 2:

Armature insulation paper inserting---armature winding-commutator welding----wedge inserting-- armature testing.

There are three kinds of production line according to different conveyor: S1, S2 and S3.

S1: Support the armature on the armature shaft, this way maybe damage the shaft.

S2: Support the armature on the lamination, it can protect the shaft and has low noise.

S3: Put the armature on a conveyor plate, it can protect the shaft, lower noise and has nice appearance.


Information needed for armature production line inquiry

It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.

1. Rotor lamination drawing

2. Rotor assemble drawing

3. Rotor stack drawing

4. Rotor winding diagram drawing: with rotor wire diameter and turn number

5. Commutator drawing

6. Shaft drawing

7.End cover drawing

8. Required residual unbalancing volume and initial unbalancing volume

9 Wedge and insulation paper material

10. Required productivity

11. Other technical requirement

If possible, it will be better if customer can send us samples.



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